The Awesomeness of Peak Design

My camera goes with me almost everywhere I go. In many ways it has become an extension of my arms and eyes when I am outdoors. When I bought my first DSLR sometime around 2010, I often placed my camera in my backpack for the times when I would be out hiking around. After all, I didn’t want to drop my camera!

However, a problem quickly arose. I would see something cool while hiking, but by the time I had fished the camera out of my backpack, the moment was gone. If I hiked with the camera in my hand or with the strap around my neck, I risked tripping and breaking a lens or the camera itself. After a while, I decided to just leave the camera in my car and settle for cell phone pictures. But deep inside, I was frustrated.

Fast forward a few years to the day I heard about Peak Design. Peak Design had created the Capture, which is a clip that easily screws on to your backpack’s strap. There is a shoe that you screw into the bottom of your camera which locks into the housing attached to your pack’s strap. Once the camera is attached to your pack’s strap, it isn’t going anywhere until you push the release button (which can also be locked). After looking around at similar products for a few weeks, I decided to try out the Capture. I haven’t looked back.

In fact, I also bought a Shell Camera Cover to protect my camera and lens when the weather is bad. Both of these products have made it easier for me to take high quality images while out hiking without stressing about whether or not I could ruin my camera.

The Nikon Z7 I shoot with is lightweight as is the Capture and Shell. While it does feel awkward at first to have the weight on the pack’s strap, I honestly don’t notice it now. Peak Design is not a sponsor nor am I affiliated with them in any way other than being a fan of their products. All said, if you need to solve the same problem I had, you can’t go wrong here.

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