Take a Kid Ice Fishing

It's no secret, fishing is a borderline obsession for me. I think about it daily and look forward to anytime I can spend in or on the water. Several years ago, I was invited to go ice fishing with a friend who had also never fished the hard water. We figured we would borrow an auger and figure it out. So we each loaded up our kids and met at a local frozen pond on a sunny Saturday in early March. The ice was still six or eight inches thick, and with the sun and no wind, the conditions were perfect.

The kids had fun catching perch through the ice as ospreys circled overhead, waiting for the leftovers. This first trip became the tip of the iceberg. As time passed, I explored other frozen bodies of water, targeting other species and learning the value of buying good gear in an effort to make the kids comfortable. My wife tells her friends I am fond of saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Ice fishing has certainly taught me that lesson, and when kids are involved, this lesson is even more important.

Henry's Lake, for example, has a healthy population of trout with some growing to be over 10 pounds. While I have never personally landed one of those monsters through the ice (I came close once!), my kids and I have many memories of catching lots of football shaped slabs out of this lake through the ice. As long as I bring my Clam and Mr. Heater, the kids can stay warm and dry, even in subzero temps with wind. And the rewards for fishing this particular lake can be enormous!

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