Targhee Media is not a typical photography business.  I started Targhee Media because I found that so much product and event marketing felt staged, rarely showing reality.  Content in which I can envision myself using the product or immersed in the event resonates with me, and is what I try to capture with both photos and video.  Check out the Photos and Videos pages to get a sense of my style, as well as my Commercial Work to see some samples of real estate, food, and events I have covered.

With a background in anthropology and international business, I enjoy working with clients to help them tell their story in the best way possible.  Past clients and collaborations include:

Bugle Magazine, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Sawtelle Mountain Resort, Starbucks, Bear Hunting Magazine, Grit League, Alturas International Academy

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~ Jason Hales



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