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Color Phase Boar

One of the things I like the most about spring bear hunting is capturing them on my trail cam.  It is the easiest way to observe bear just being a bear.  Sometimes they are moody, sometimes goofy, and always hungry.  Where I hunt in Idaho, the only way to effectively hunt bears is through baiting (unless you have access to hounds).  Spotting and stalking is fun, but not terribly effective as the terrain where they call home is thick with trees and brush.  When I set up a bait, the location of the trail camera is one of the main points of consideration as I put it all together.  This past year, I had over half a dozen different bears show up to be fed and have their picture taken.

While many hunters use trail cams to judge trophy quality, I like to use them to learn about their behavior.  What time are they coming in?  How does the weather affect bear movement?  Are there other hunters checking my trail cam or bait site?  What scents bring the bears in and what do they avoid?  While I do like to consider trophy quality, I am hunting public land and have learned that sometimes you have to take what you can get.

This particular photo was taken by an older Bushnell trail cam which has the BoneCollector logo on it.  I am a big fan of how well the photos and video turn out.  It has a ton of settings and does a great job.  I have a new trail cam hooked up to a modem.  The new camera has more bells and whistles, yet the images are not as clear.  

What works for you?  How do you like to use trail cams?

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