Sunset Cruise along the Na Pali Coast - @targheemedia

I first visited Kauai in 2015 as part of a business trip (rough one, I know!).  However, my wife, Jen, was not able to join me as she had to study for finals as part of her education at BYU Idaho.  When I first approached her about vacationing in Kauai, she was not too enthusiastic.  Jen wanted to head to the Caribbean or Central America.  And while I would love to head to those places too, I found that I had enough Delta miles to get us to Hawaii in September.  The trip was booked and we took off.  

We arrived late at night, grabbed some groceries at Walmart and crashed in our hotel.  We awoke to the sound of the surf pounding the beach as the sun crept above the horizon.  Roosters sounded their morning alarms in the grass below our balcony.  As Jen looked out at the rising sun, she was instantly hooked by the spirit of Aloha.

One of the highlights of the trip was our sunset cruise along the Na Pali Coast.  We booked a cruise with Blue Dolphin Charters out of Port Allen.  The cruise was worth every penny.  The boat staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the history of Kauai.  The swells were about a week or two from arriving, so while the sea was choppy, it wasn't enough to cause motion sickness, but it did create some unusual complications for photography.  As we reached our turnaround point, the captain loosed the sails and we enjoyed some amazing food as we cruised back to port, toasting the sunset.

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