Palisades Creek in the Fall - @targheemedia

Thanksgiving 2017 brought unseasonably warm weather to eastern Idaho, and no one complained.  The mountains had fresh snow and the local ski resort, Grand Targhee, was open for business.  On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, our family decided to hike one of our favorite trails along Palisades Creek near Swan Valley, Idaho.  To make this trip more entertaining, we decided to bring Timber, our Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppy (pictured below).  

The hike was everything we hoped it to be.  The fall colors were mostly gone, but the willow stems were a bright red, contrasting nicely with the bright yellow grasses along the stream.  The water flowed clear and cold, and with some cloud cover, created an amazing opportunity to capture some photos.

Living in Idaho means you need to learn how to adapt to whatever the weather dictates.  We have now lived here for nearly a decade and have accumulated our fair share of down coats, Columbia jackets, Yukon Charlie snowshoes and a plethora of skis.  But when the weather gives you a nice warm day when it should normally be otherwise, you take it.

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