Life at Altitude - @targheemedia

My work takes me away from home a lot more than I would like.  As much as I have tried to scale it back, sometimes there is no avoiding it.  In the last year or so, I have begun taking my camera and tripod with me.  I have especially enjoyed pulling out my camera during the ascent and the final approach while logging miles with various airlines.  Since I am based in Idaho and primarily travel around the western US, I have the joy of seeing some of the mountain ranges up close (but not too close!).   As one  gains a bird's eye view of the landscape, one can begin seeing the folds in the land, where private land ends and public land begins, and occasionally, a herd of elk feeding along the slope.

I have been drawn to photography because by its very nature, it forces the photographer to slow down, pick apart the landscape, and contemplate composition.  I have to clear my mind from the stresses of work and focus on one thing.  I can feel my heart rate slow and blood pressure drop.  I like to think that early 20th century photographers felt the same way as they mastered the progressive equipment of the day.

The image above is of the Chugach Range near Anchorage, Alaska.  Pulling out my camera has made even long, boring flights a lot more interesting.  

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