Grit League - @targheemedia

Grit League is modeled after Spartan Races and is ideal for kids as young as about 5 all the way up through high school.  It started in Idaho Falls and has branched out to some neighboring communities.  Typically, there are seasons every spring, summer and fall/winter with a mud run at the end of the summer season.  

Grit League teaches strength, agility, and mental toughness.  My kids love it.  My son Matt, who used to cry as a little boy because he hated soccer, has found his groove with Grit League and was even able to compete in the 2018 Spartan Kids World Championship.  

Sports for kids are no longer relegated to football, baseball and basketball.  Obstacle course racing (OCR) is growing across the country, and I suspect we will see more organizations like Grit League appear.

If you child is not interested in the standard team sports, but likes to be active and needs something to do, get them out to an obstacle course and turn them loose.

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