Finding a New Perspective - @targheemedia

Several months ago, a random comment on my Instagram account read something like this:

Your perspective is normal, but your composition is excellent!

Thank you, I think...

Not sure if it was intended as a free professional critique or someone just trying to make a name for himself/herself on social media, I decided to scroll through my feed and see what this was all about.  Sure enough, my photos were taken at a perspective similar to the way +90% of the photographers of the world would photograph the same subject.  For once, a comment on social media had some value.

During the following months, I tried to find a new groove where my photos would be different.  To be honest, it is still something I am working to find.  Along this path of discovery, I purchased a Mavic Air, a compact drone with tons of great photo features, including the ability to shoot 4K video.  I have been loving it ever since.  The Air has allowed me to see familiar areas from a new perspective.  It has also engaged my creativity in a new way.  I have been able to photograph landscapes like the photo above.  I even created a short promo video for a sports organization my kids love called Grit League (think Spartan Racing for kids).

In the end, isn't photography about always finding a new perspective and sharing it with others?  All of the great photographers I know of became great because they shared a new perspective with a wider audience, causing them to think and examine a subject, perhaps even a familiar one, as if for the first time.

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