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In many ways, Midway, Utah mirrors an idyllic Swiss town. The tall, green mountains surround the valley offering beautiful vistas of mountainsides dotted with Tudor cabins, complete with countryside murals painted on the stucco. Bakeries and restaurants abound offering a little of everything including various cheeses and pastries. It is a location which invites relaxation.

The Zermatt Resort is nestled on a mountainside not too far from the main street which bisects Midway. Named after a popular Swiss town, I found myself remembering my own trip to Switzerland from many years ago. As an MBA student, I travelled with my cohort to Geneva so we could learn what we could about various NGOs, international finance, and the Swiss culture. I loved everything about the trip and left with a wish to return someday. While I have not returned yet, my stay at the Zermatt Resort was a close second. Here are five reasons why you should go!

Heated Pool

My kids loved the heated pool and swam even when a chilly rain fell in early June. The two pools, one indoor and the other outdoor, are connected by a swim channel, which makes the whole experience even more cool for the kids. Both pools have hot tubs, though the one indoors has a very cool waterfall feature in it.


I’ve eaten food at resorts which made me wish I had a Chick Fil A nearby (that is not a slam on Chick Fil A!). This was not the case at Zermatt. The food was amazing and priced reasonably. Our family especially loved the bakery and all the pastry options available. You will not go hungry nor be disappointed with the food at the resort.

Beautiful Vistas

The east slope of the Wasatch Front offers some of the best mountain scenery in Utah. Deer, elk, moose, and mountain goats all call these ridges home and you can see all of them within a short drive from Zermatt. Along the way you can see Mount Timpanogos and even drive the Alpine Loop between the Sundance Ski Resort and American Fork canyon. I prefer driving this road in the evening during the hour or two before sunset to see the wildlife. If you are extra lucky like I once was, you may even see a black bear wandering around.


Some of my best memories around flyfishing center on the Middle Provo River near Midway. I have fished it all four seasons and never had a bad day. You can certainly find a guide, but if you know your way around a fly rod and how to match the hatch, you should do well anywhere you put in. Below Deer Creek Reservoir you will have to compete against tubers, rafters, and other fishermen. While the Middle stretch is more crowded than it used to be, the fish are still there waiting for you.

Four Wheeling

As is common in the high country, thunderstorms rolled through on both of the afternoons we were there. We had hoped to rent one of the off-road vehicles, but the falling rain and crashing thunder changed our minds. You can ride all through the Uintas and explore trails unavailable to trucks and SUVs. Although we were sad to miss out on this, now we have something to look forward to when we decide to return.

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